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How do I take my Maxwell Method of DISC assessment?

As soon as your purchase is complete you will receive a code(license key) for the assessment and a link to download the instructions.  You will also receive this information in an email.  It is important to write down or copy your code(license key).

What is your return policy?

The Maxwell Method of DISC report codes are non-refundable.  Debriefs, plans, and packages will be discussed on a case by case basis.


Why is it called the Maxwell Method of DISC?

Over the last 30years, the DISC Personality Profile System, developed and published by the Institute for Motivational Living (IML) , has been a key component of numerous behavioral instruments, courses and materials which have been used by individuals and organizations on six continents. Thanks to a strategic alliance between The John Maxwell Team and the Institute of Motivational Living, these materials are being used to build and restore relationships, develop increased personal understanding, resolve conflicts, build teams and maximize communication. Together, they are empowering John Maxwell Team Certified Speakers,
Trainers and Coaches with tools and certification training to meet the daily, growing demand for professionally-trained individuals offering these insights and services.

Why Should I take the Maxwell Method of DISC Assessment?

The first person we must examine is ourselves. That’s the Mirror Principle. If our self-perception is distorted, then our attempts to influence others will be
misguided and even manipulative.

The first person I must know is myself;
this brings self-awareness.

The first person I must get along with is myself;
this leads to a healthy self-image.

The first person to cause me problems is myself;
admitting truth yields self-honesty.

The first person I must change is myself;
this empowering attitude paves the way to self-improvement.
- John C. Maxwell (Man in the Mirror Blog, 2014)